Social Media Marketing

Targeted Solutions for Social Media Marketing

Facebook is not just for teenagers anymore. The Social Medias are the newest and fastest moving area to get your product or company noticed. A good social networking site provides a centralized marketplace where individuals and companies who need a product or service can go to find what they are looking for. We can create a blog, a Facebook page or start a Twitter campaign for your Social Media needs. We can oversee creative and production of videos for YouTube to make you message go viral.


Blogs are a way to stay in direct contact with your consumer. Instead of reading what is said about your company, be the one initiating the conversation. If you are part of the conversation, you can keep your message on track.

  • Easy PR outlet
  • Links to content
  • Good for Product launches

Use Facebook to bromote your business. Join specific groups that target your industry. Peer groups are great networking opportunities for your sales team to build the ever important leads networks that help drive the modern small business economy.

LinkedIn has quickly become the established Social Networking Site trusted by the business sector. On this site a user can join groups, join discussions and network with others in beneficial industries.

No longer the Site where you go to see the Squirrel on a skateboard. YouTube has become a catch all for safe viewing of videos on the Web. Because of this, business can post instructional Videos, Product Demonstrations, Mini Commercials or any other video that helps to promote your company

Reputation Management

Reputation_DashboardYour Reputation is your most important way to gain and retain your patients. We at Inbox Health Communications are able to ensure your reputation that you worked so hard to create is not ruined by that one patient that felt they waited too long in the waiting room. We use the software, which helps to manage all your content from Medical Rating sites and Social Media sites.

Make Sure your reputation stays intact. Don’t let a vocal patient drive away your business. Our Reputation Management service can ensure the public sees the most positive reviews and feedback. offers the first holistic platform to manage every aspect of a business’s online reputation, from reviews and social media to local/mobile search visibility and business listings.

Key features

  • Inclusion in multiple online business listings for greater local search visibility.
  • Manage Facebook and Twitter profiles in real time from the platform.
  • See all reviews across multiple review sites and business locations.
  • Automatically request reviews from customers following each sale.
  • Alerting for new negative reviews and social media mentions.
  • Analytics and reporting tools, as well as our patented
  • Reputation Score for a high-level perspective.
  • In-store kiosks to maximize review generation.
  • Website widgets and landing pages to increase the impact of positive reviews.
  • Modular approach to fit seamlessly with your current offerings.